Empowered Women Farmers Group

Empowered Women Farmers Group

Diah Handriani (38), a member of the Bunga Berseri Sembalun Women Farmers Group (KWT), experienced a major change in her life after receiving assistance from the Lenting Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) project with the support of World Vision Korea. This program, which targets climate change adaptation, also empowers communities in East Lombok Regency to adopt drip irrigation technology with Power Agro partners.

Previously, the Bunga Berseri Sembalun KWT activities were inactive and they did not carry out any agricultural activities. Farming usually relies more on the rainy season. Even though the village is not dry because they can still use ordinary wells and drilled wells, the water they need for farming is still insufficient and not large.

With this drip irrigation technique, Diah and other KWT members felt very helpful and felt a big impact because all the work was carried out very efficiently, especially in the use of water.

“After the WVI, our KWT began to recover by being invited to training on drip irrigation which is something new for us because during the summer we can still do farming, usually there is no water, potatoes also need large amounts of water and since drip irrigation was introduced more relax and don't think too much about water which drains your mind during the dry season,'' said Diah.

Not only does drip irrigation become a new thing for agriculture, but KWT members feel that there is gender equality in this activity.

“With this assistance regarding drip irrigation, the role of women with this knowledge is upfront, not too dependent on the father/husband. We have been told to drill, install pipes, taps, hoses, and we have practiced and when there is damage, we can do it ourselves, the important thing is that we have tools,” she explained excitedly.

Currently, six farmer groups have been formed with 120 members from 3 villages in Sembalun District who receive assistance to use this drip irrigation pattern. The Lenting project is considered to help farmers in applying various agricultural techniques. In addition, farmers are also taught to manage income and increase agricultural yields.

Now, after 7 months of applying drip irrigation, KWT members can enjoy the fruits of their hard work with the harvest being used for KWT development and the family's economic needs.

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