Learning Tools That Help My Child

Learning Tools That Help My Child

Ernita (23), a mother of Efreni, a child representative of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI), wants her child to have a quality education. Efreni almost studied at PAUD, but family conditions did not allow it so that she could not pursue education from an early age.

Three years ago, Ernita had to take care of her husband as well as work as the backbone of the family due to an accident that happened to her husband. This turned out to have an impact on Efreni who was late in receiving education. However, it turns out that Efreni got another opportunity at the right time.

In April 2021, Efreni and her friends participated in a birthday celebration held by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Bengkayang Program Area. On this occasion, Efreni received various prizes such as coloring books, writing textbooks, books for learning to read and count, crayons, and stationery.

“Since then Efreni has often asked me to teach her how to spell, write, count, and color. Even though she studied only during the day when we took care of her sick father, but Praise God, it has been one month since Efreni has shown good progress,” said Ernita.

Ernita is happy to see the development of her baby. Even though it took her late to receive study assistance, Efreni showed significant development. At first, Efreni couldn't do anything, now she is getting better at writing, spelling, counting, coloring, and reading.

“Many thanks to Wahana Visi Indonesia and sponsors who have helped and motivated my child through the textbooks provided. God bless and protect you from the Covid-19 pandemic," Ernita said.


Written by: Yan Riwu, CESP Coordinator of Bengkayang Program Area Wahana Visi Indonesia

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