Water Tanks That Help People Needs in Lombok

Water Tanks That Help People Needs in Lombok

A flood had happened in Menanga sub-village, Dara Kunci village in East Lombok District for several times after the earthquake hit Lombok on July 2018. Since that time, the villagers hard to find clean water to fulfill their daily needs.

Masni, one of the villagers says if a flood comes, they cannot use the well and water inside.

“We usually use water from the well for daily needs. But when floods, the wells are dirty and are not suitable for use, even now," she says while showing a shared well located right in front of her house.

According to Masni, even though the well is located in the yard of the house, the well is intended for mutual interests.

“People from mosque usually come to do ablution or mothers from integrated health post come to get clean water from this well,” she explains.

Based on the condition, Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response (LEER) of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) decided to help people in Menaga sub-village by building some water tanks. Those water tanks are placed near well deliberately.

Masni and her husband really appreciate the help. People of Menaga and her now can use clean water for their needs.

Same with Masni, Ri’ah, a housewife from Orong Nagasari sub-village in North Lombok District says that WVI also placed water tanks in their living area.

“Before getting the water tanks, we take the water from well which far from here. We also had accepted help from the government after the earthquake, but we don’t have enough water storages to accommodate those help. After the water tanks placed here, we can keep water and use it to wash, drink, or other needs,” says Ri’ah.

Because of the donors and sponsors who collaborate with WVI to support people in Lombok, now Masni, Ri’ah, and other people can enjoy their life normally. PT Coca Cola Indonesia is one of the donors who involve in providing the water tanks for people in East Lombok District and North Lombok District.

With that new water resources, it is expected that the community can return to feeling life to its fullest and continue to be passionate about continuing its future.


Written by: Putri ianne Barus, Communications Officer, and Lombok Earthquake Emergency Response Team of Wahana Visi Indonesia

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