Do Not Have a Cell Phone, Alexandrio Does This Thing to Avaoid being Bored at Home

Do Not Have a Cell Phone, Alexandrio Does This Thing to Avaoid being Bored at Home

#BersamaMelawanCovid19 - Alexandrio, an assisted child of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) in the Ende Area Program, did everything at home during the pandemic season. He is used to spending his spare time playing and helping parents grow vegetables in the yard. One day Ano, his nickname, receives various books to read which help him to be creative at home even though he doesn't have a cellphone and internet.

“I received books that WVI distributed about children's creativity books and Bible reading books. I use these books to read and see the pictures of the stories of Bible characters that are included in each of these books. I read it and then began to discover that there are various creativities in this book, one of which is how to grow green beans in a glass,” said a boy who dreams of becoming a Master Chef.

Ano learned to grow green beans in bottled drink glasses according to the way stated in the book. Observing and watering plants has become a routine thing to do these days. Ano also did it while completing assignments given by the school or assignments given by his parents.

"Many things I learned from the growth of these green beans. One of them is that all plants can move, their roots will look for springs and their leaves will move towards the sunlight,” Ano explained excitedly.

For Ano, not having a cellphone and internet is not a problem to spend time at home. Various creativity books, Bible reading books, and information books related to Covid-19 can actually make him feel at home even though he still has to stay at home. Ano even invited his peers to be more creative at home.

"Thank you WVI for sharing these useful books," he added with a smile.


Written by: Oktaviana Sulu, Sponsorship Officer for the Ende Wahana Visi Indonesia Program Area


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