Keep in Doing Good in the Middle of Adversity during a Pandemic

Keep in Doing Good in the Middle of Adversity during a Pandemic

#BersamaMelawanCovid19 - It's not easy to do good things in the middle of adversity. However, not the Non-Governmental Organization for the Protection and Children Assistance Titian Kasih (LSM PPA TiKa), a social organization that emerged out of the concern and desire to be able to do good for others. Through the collaboration between the LSM PPA TiKa and Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Bengkayang Program Area, good things can still be done amid the difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the midst of its focus on continuing to assist children who experience physical and sexual violence, the LSM PPA TiKa is also active in preventing violence that may occur amid the current pandemic. In addition, this NGO is also involved in providing direct socialization related to a clean and healthy lifestyle in the community. One of them is through the socialization of CTPS (washing hands with soap).

Teni Nengsih (33 yo), who was involved in the socialization, was grateful for being able to share important information with the public. The support given by WVI in facilitating himself and the community has had a very significant impact.

"During this pandemic, we cannot do many things, but we can do a lot of good things in various ways that we can do for the people around us, including in areas that we can reach. This includes spreading kindness through social media and so on," said Teni.

Similar to Teni, Lisca (41 yo) who also carried out the socialization also expressed her gratitude. The feeling of anxiety that he had once felt disappeared after the socialization process took place.

“The trip from village to village to socialize how to wash hands with soap has a special impression for me, besides that, I can also get to know and visit areas that I have never been to. In every activity we carry out, WVI always ensures that we and the community comply with and carry out health protocols so that I feel safe even though I am doing activities in other areas," she concluded.

Written by: Wahana Visi Indonesia Bengkayang Program Area Staff


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