Kenanga Waste Bank Back to Serve the Residents

Kenanga Waste Bank Back to Serve the Residents

Had stopped operating for three years due to the condition of the collapsed building, now the Kenanga Waste Bank is back in operation to serve the residents of Semper Barat. With the assistance of Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) through the PHINLA Project and the management of the Kenanga Waste Bank, the construction of the new building can be realized.

“Because in the past the Kenanga Waste Bank building was not as permanent as it is now and has collapsed, therefore, now the Kenanga Waste Bank has been rebuilt permanently so that the landfill is not like it used to be where many are lost,” said Nurfiah.

Nurfiah, the current head of the Kenanga Waste Bank, is always active in serving the residents of Semper Barat. Even though she holds a high position, Nurfiah is not reluctant and hesitant to pick up the trash directly.

This can be seen from her activities with her colleagues who are full of enthusiasm and joy in collecting garbage from local residents’ homes.

The scorching sun and the current pandemic are not reasons for Nurfiah to discourage her enthusiasm for collecting garbage from residents.

“In the future, I hope that the waste bank will run smoothly again and previous customers will join again. So, we will revive this waste bank activity so that in the future more people will understand that the meaning of this waste bank brings blessings,” concluded Nurfiah.


Written by: Pedaman Halawa, and Ari Handayani, Staff of Phinla Project Wahana Visi Indonesia

Translated by: Klaudia Mawuntu, Intern Wahana Visi Indonesia

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