Thermometer Gun Helps Integrated Health Care Activities

Thermometer Gun Helps Integrated Health Care Activities

#BersamaMelawanCovid19 - In the new normal era people have to be familiar with health protocols implementation. The use of an infrared thermometer or also known as an infrared thermometer or thermometer gun (thermogun), is a common practice in implementing health protocols. These tools are commonly used to assist the activities of health workers.

Thermoguns are still expensive and not all health facilities or cadres have these items. Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) Kubu Raya Program Area sees the need for thermogun, especially for health workers who serve the community directly.

With the support of many parties to the response of the Covid-19 pandemic disaster, WVI distributed thermoguns to several integrated health centers assisted by WVI in Kubu Raya Regency, West Kalimantan in August-September 2020. Thermogun was given to 22 Integrated Health Care under Lingga puskesmas and 11 Integrated Health Care under Parit Timur puskesmas, which are located in WVI assisted areas.

Siti Herlina (37), Head of Tunas Muda Integrated Health Care expressed her gratitude for providing a thermometer for the place she works.

"It is useful to check on guests who come to the facility. Previously, we were worried because we could not check the body temperature as part of the health protocol during COVID-19," Siti said.

Not only Siti that has felt the benefits of thermogun, but also Eliana (30), Head of the Harapan Bunda Integrated Health Center Cadre, felt helped by these tools.

“Back then, we ask our guests if they had a fever or not. But now, with thermogun, we can check whether they have a fever or not. We can anticipate it as soon as possible if someone comes with a fever," said Eliana.

WVI has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic disaster for six months in all service areas throughout Indonesia. About 1,459,329 people have benefited from this program through the distribution of health equipment, economic assistance, assistance to health facilities, and support for educational programs.


Written by: Eduardtin H. Togas, CP Coordinator for the Kubu Raya Program Area Wahana Visi Indonesia

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