Green Vegetables for Family

Green Vegetables for Family

The hydroponic nutrition garden in Nyangau Village is one of Wahana Visi Indonesia's (WVI) programs to support family food. WVI provides training to plant hydroponic methods to mothers in the village, as an initial form of implementing hydroponic nutrition gardens. One of them was done by Supinawati (39), a school principal in the village. 

“I feel overjoyed after receiving the hydroponic nutrition practice training. Even though this knowledge looks easy and simple, it is awesome and inspiring. Of course, I am grateful for the programs offered by WVI. This is the most valuable learning and experience for me,” said Supinawati. 

This is not the first time for her to receive knowledge from WVI. She said, in 2020, she had also participated in the Posyandu Nutrition Group by farming using soil media and facilitated by WVI and the harvest could also be used for (Infant and Young Child Feeding) PMBA. 

“At first everything starts to feel difficult, but after being lived it finally flows like water. As mothers are experiencing right now, starting is difficult due to economic factors and the situation during a pandemic, and the busyness of mothers during the rice harvest season. At first, only a few people responded but as time went on they embraced and were given understanding, eventually they agreed. This is also one of the roles of housewives, that wanting to learn new things is a manifestation of the willingness to accept and give oneself, of course, for progress," she added. 

Supinawati felt the benefits of the training that WVI provided to herself and the community. She feels that by practicing hydroponics at home, she can get many benefits, such as it can be applied in a narrow area, the roots of plants do not spread, and the nutritional content is also higher because they do not use pesticides, even if without sunlight the plants can live. After all, there is a nutrient liquid. 

Even Supinawati and her colleagues are committed to practicing a hydroponic nutrition garden using media from used bottles.

“I am very grateful to WVI who so far have helped a lot, both in terms of materials/goods, knowledge, and also energy. The WVI team has taken the time to share knowledge to teach patiently, train sincerely, and guide us until we can. Of course, we as mothers will also share the knowledge we get and put it into practice,” she concluded.

Written by: Staff of Melawi Sintang Area Program, Wahana Visi Indonesia

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